People care about what they put into their bodies now more than ever. Yoga, Pilates and Crossfit are only a few extracurricular activities we hear about every day. Labels are read more thoroughly and diets have changed from Atkins bars to eating clean, portioned meals. Now, not only do people want gluten-free bread or lactose-free milk, they want BPA-free water bottles and lead-free paint.

Concerns are rising every day about the additives put into products most commonly used in the home.

Do you know what’s in your counters?

No longer do you have to sit blindly eating your cold cereal every morning on laminate or tile countertops. You stand up for what you put inside your body, now it’s time to stand up for what you’re preparing your food on. Porous materials that aren’t sealed correctly or at all can add countless germs to the food you’re making for your family.

Bedrock Quartz selection of natural stone is organic and 100% natural, quarried directly from the Earth. We do not use fillers, additives or byproducts in our natural stone. We pride ourselves in having vegan-friendly products that can last a lifetime in your home. Because our stone is sustainably sourced, it is very durable and can handle hot pots and pans as well as accidental spills. Natural stone countertops are created specifically without gluten and they also contain zero carbs*.

Our stone has spent millions of years roasting and transforming into the beautiful, unique, natural blocks of stone we see now. Once they are at their peak of viridity, we harvest them from the mountain and slice the blocks into slab pieces. Those pieces are immediately sent off to our warehouses to be displayed for our customers.

Without additives or fillers, we can maintain a manageable cost for our customers. Our customers value quality and we value our customers.

Come see for yourself what a difference organic can make.

*Not to be misleading- this product is not edible and should not be eaten or bitten.