Distinctive and Durable. It’s a beautiful combination.

Granite Countertops, Custom Cut in Utah

If you’re looking for a stone countertop, granite is as natural as you can get. Every countertop is cut from slabs taken straight from the earth. You’ll get a unique look and pattern that no one else will have. No two pieces are the same.

Granite provides a premium feel to your home that can’t be duplicated. Granite countertops are all one-of-kind because of how they’re sourced. If you’re looking for a natural and unique look and feel for your kitchen, granite the best choice.

Each granite countertop we install has high aesthetic appeal and will add value to your home. Granite is also highly resistant to scratching and heat making it an excellent choice for kitchen countertops. We offer you unparalleled stone selections in the state of Utah in color and design so you can get the exact look you want for your home. Granite is a top recommended stone for the long-term value and beauty it provides to your home and family.

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Why Buy Granite Countertops?

Unique: No two granite countertops are alike. This gives them personality that can’t be duplicated by any other material, natural or manufactured.

Value: Beyond having a great look, granite is proven to increase your home’s value. It’s an easy selling point for any potential home buyers.

Solid: Granite is the hardest natural stone in the world, second only to diamonds. Resistant to burns and stains, granite countertops will hold up to the toughest tests in the kitchen.

Clean: Cleaning is easy, just use warm water with a drop or two of dish soap and a soft cloth. It’s a great idea to dry your granite to avoid streaking and really show off the shine.

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Granite Countertop Maintenance


As a natural stone, granite is porous. This means it can stain unless properly sealed. All granite countertops are pre-sealed to ensure ongoing natural beauty and so you don’t have to worry about stains. Ask us about our permanent sealer. This sealer is chemical resistant, UV resistant and transparent. It also offers a 15-year stain warranty and no other special sealers or cleaners are needed.
Our standard sealer is applied to all stones. It will protect your granite countertops from stains for 12 months. It is not permanent and should be re-applied once a year.


How to Clean Granite Countertops:
As a natural stone, granite’s strengths lend it to being very durable for any level of use. But as a natural stone, it’s porous and can get stained. That’s why we pre-seal any granite countertops we install, and why it should re-sealed at least once a year. However, you shouldn’t treat it like other countertops.
The key is to keep it simple. All you need is regular dishwashing soap, warm water, and a couple of cleaning cloths.
First, clean up the spill by blotting (instead of wiping). Wiping will only spread the mess and leave you with more area to clean up. Once the spill is gone, use the dishwashing soap and warm water to clean the area. Then rinse it off with just water, followed by drying it with a clean cloth.

What Not to Use:
Avoid cleansers of any kind when cleaning. Used long enough, these can remove the final polish from the granite and dull it.
A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything you wouldn’t want on your hands. The same goes for vinegar, anything with ammonia, bleach, or specialty cleaners that contain acids. These could potentially bleach the stone (which would be a shame, in our opinion).

Bedrock, hands down, are absolutely amazing. From the sales staff to the project management to the install crews. Every single person was very professional, on time, and took pride in their work. The finish details are top notch. Will definitely be calling Bedrock again for future needs and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for granite.

Chris H.
June 14, 2016