Marble Counters

A piece of Italy right in your home.

Custom Marble Countertops

Sourced from one of the oldest marble quarries in the world in Italy, our marble countertops give homes a classic feel that granite and quartz just can’t duplicate. When you lay your hands on it, you’ll feel the difference; marble has an elegant air you can’t find anywhere else.

Marble has been used by mankind for over 2,000 years for everything from statues to pillars to whole buildings. It has a history other stone used for countertops just can’t match. You can feel that difference the moment you put your hand on it. Marble has a softer feel that gives a classic touch to any home.

Why Buy Marble Countertops?

Classic: Marble is a classic because it’s been around the block more than once.

Softness: Marble has a softness to it that granite lacks (one of the downsides of being the hardest natural stone in the world). When you touch it, you’ll immediately feel the difference.

Natural: Marble sees more wear and tear than granite or quartz does since it’s not as hard as granite or reinforced with resin binder like quartz. However, this gives a more authentic feel to it.

Marble Countertop Maintenance

Like any other stone countertop, you have to know how to properly clean marble. Keeping marble clean is trickier than granite or quartz since it’s a softer material (meaning it will scratch and stain easier). When you’re cleaning marble, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Dust off the surface with a dusting cloth
  2. Clean off the surface with warm water, a clean sponge, and maybe a little dish soap
  3. Dry the counter off with a paper towel (don’t let the water dry!)
  4. Polish the surface with a sham
  5. Use a high quality sealer every six months or so

Marble gives a look like no other material can, we think it’s worth the effort.


Fixing Competitor’s Mistake – Four years ago, we redid our kitchen and installed Granite Counter Tops from one of Bedrock Quartz’s competitors. Last week the sink fell down. After talking with the other granite top company they first said that it was not covered because they did not install the sink – our plumber did. When talking with my contractor, he confirmed that the granite company installed the sink. I called him back. He then said, it was not covered because our plumber “somehow” messed with the curing process. When I asked him how he knew that, he never answered me. When I pressed and talked about going somewhere else, he said, “go with someone else.” So I went to Robert at Bedrock Quartz. Within 12 hours, Robert had me set up. Within 24 hours my sink was back up and done for almost half of what his competitor quoted me. If and when I ever need anything having to do with granite, Robert at Bedrock Quartz will be the guy and company I go to – and so should you.

Roger T.
August 6, 2016