Dekton Trillium

Materials used

Cooktop Perimeter |Lumina 2cm thickness with 2" Miter Edge

Perimeter |Dekton Trillium 2cm thickness with 2" Mitre Edge

This unique display of personality gives subtle yet noticeable hints of different colors depending on how the light hits the counter. Your kitchen wants to feel high-end, let it be high-end.

My wife and I just completed our remodel, and if you have ever remodeled you can relate to what a task it is! Our home was just 10 years old and we used Bedrock Quartz when we built our home and were very happy with the QUALITY of work and most importantly the prompt service and professional service that we received. So here it is 10 years later we called Steve @ Bedrock and told him we needed his help with all new surfaces in our home. Bedrock once again provided QUALITY products, Service and PROMPT attention. During the process I dropped by our home and they were doing the template and I was use to the old style of preparing the template… There technician had an iPad, Lasers doing the template “state of the art technology” We have been very happy with Bedrock from the Sales,Coordination to the install! Call Steve @ Bedrock for your next project.

Travis F.
May 13, 2016