Who We Are

Family owned. Family focused. Since 1976.

About Bedrock Quartz

We’ve always been a family business, even before we were called Bedrock Quartz! Originally, David Jorgensen (president of Bedrock) started a company called Topcraft in 1976 to provide laminate countertops to builders. He succeeded in his business by focusing on two things: quality (because nobody likes shoddy work, especially the craftsman) and timely service (since nobody likes hanging around a half-finished kitchen).

For the next 25 years, Dave would teach his sons to work by having them help him fabricate and install countertops. Alan, Eric and Steve eventually joined him full-time in the business and took the company in a new direction in 2002. With demand for stone countertops on the rise, Topcraft phased out laminate and solid surface countertops in favor of granite, quartz, marble, and other stone materials. That’s also when the name changed to Bedrock Quartz Surfaces, to better emphasize our specialty.

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The process to renovate your kitchen may sound stressful. We want to take that stress off your shoulders. We're trained to help you from tear-out to tile back splash. Focus on your experience and we'll take care of the rest.


It all starts with a visit to one of our helpful showrooms. Many options and design ideas can be reviewed. The granite, quartz and marble slabs on display will help you find a material that you’ll love. Our staff will guide you through the process and help you bring ideas into reality. From the stone itself to how it’s designed, to the beautiful sinks and faucets that provide so much function and beauty, to gorgeous tile backsplash options.


Our teams of fabricators and polishers have over a hundred years of combined experience when it comes to cutting your counter tops to the right size and shape. We invite you to visit our fabrication facility to see how your counter tops are made.


Our teams of fabricators and polishers have over a hundred years of combined experience when it comes to cutting your countertops to the right size and shape. Bedrock Quartz uses the most current technology and equipment to fabricate, or manufacture, your countertop. We invite you to visit our fabrication facility to see how your countertops are made. It’s an amazing process!


The installation team at Bedrock Quartz is highly skilled and trained to handle any project and space limitations. They have countless years of experience combined which helps with even the trickiest of jobs. If their charm and charisma doesn't make you love the finishing touches, their craftsmanship during installation will.


Once fabrication is complete, our trained installation teams load up your finished countertops on an A-frame, crane them onto a truck and deliver them to your home. At your home our courteous installers carefully carry the stone pieces into your home and set them in place. Because our system is so accurate the installation process usually only takes 3-4 hours to complete. Our installers take care to clean up any debris or dust caused by the installation.

Meet Our Family of Owners

Dave  |  President

My boys were homeschooled when they were young so they were with me a lot. They got so good at the job, I couldn’t tell if I did it or they did. Quick learners.

Alan  |  CEO

I started going to work with my dad when I was about 6 or 7. He taught me how to work over the years and we always focused on doing the job right the first time. I love seeing the beautifully finished kitchens our customers ask us to make for them.

Eric  |  Production

I started working with my Dad as a kid and 30 plus years later I still find this to be an exciting business to be in. We love being able to stay on the cutting edge of what technology can help us create, from digital templates to water jets to CNC’s.

Steve  |  Sales

I grew up building countertops with my Dad and brothers. I had a variety of jobs in sales over the years until I started working full time with Bedrock in 2002. Serving our clients, and building lasting relationships while helping create dream spaces is what I love about our business.

My wife and I just completed our remodel, and if you have ever remodeled you can relate to what a task it is! Our home was just 10 years old and we used Bedrock Quartz when we built our home and were very happy with the QUALITY of work and most importantly the prompt service and professional service that we received. So here it is 10 years later we called Steve @ Bedrock and told him we needed his help with all new surfaces in our home. Bedrock once again provided QUALITY products, Service and PROMPT attention. During the process I dropped by our home and they were doing the template and I was use to the old style of preparing the template… There technician had an iPad, Lasers doing the template “state of the art technology” We have been very happy with Bedrock from the Sales,Coordination to the install! Call Steve @ Bedrock for your next project.

Travis F.
May 13, 2016