Your decision to invest in new quartz countertops was a wise one. Quartz countertops are durable and wholly appropriate to any modern home. But once installed, you really want to show off their beauty. How do you do that? We have put together a selection of tips for showing off your countertops to family and […]

April 19, 2024

Today’s consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before. We get it. When it comes to installing new quartz countertops, many of our customers want the most eco-friendly option they can find. It is not uncommon for us to hear the question, “How eco-friendly are quartz countertops?” The good news is that quartz countertops can […]

March 11, 2024

More and more, it seems like homeowners are looking for timeless designs. Whether it is remodeling the kitchen or expanding on the back with a family room or conservatory, timeless design is in. We appreciate that here at Bedrock Quartz. Marble, granite, and quartz countertops have been timeless countertop options for years. What is timeless […]

March 1, 2024

A typical homeowner putting thousands of dollars into new kitchen countertops understandably wants something durable and long lasting. Both natural and engineered stone are good choices. But there is always a question about staining. So what is the deal with quartz? Does it stain easily? Quartz countertops are considered engineered stone products. While quartz itself […]

February 23, 2024

Although potential resale value should not be the only driver of kitchen remodeling decisions, it is still a factor that needs to be considered. That’s why so many experts were recommending granite countertops in the kitchen 10-15 years ago. Things are different today. Quartz is the hottest countertop preference right now. This is not to […]

February 16, 2024

You have done all the research and run the numbers. You are finally ready to replace those old laminate countertops with quartz. Yet there is still one nagging thought in the back of your mind: you’re not really sure about the typical lifespan of new quartz countertops. Are they worth the investment? We want to […]

January 19, 2024

In our business, there are plenty of terms that confuse people. Take quartz and quartzite. Despite the similarity of the two words, they represent two distinctly different materials. You are not getting quartzite when you invest in quartz countertops from Bedrock Quartz. Knowing the differences between the two could be helpful in your quest to […]

January 12, 2024

Now, more than ever before, consumers are considering the environmental impacts of their purchase decisions. We get it. We understand that many of you wonder about the environmental impacts of installing quartz countertops.  It goes without saying that there are both positives and negatives with quartz countertops. But remember the same is true of any […]