People don’t ask much from their kitchen countertops. They need to hold things up, not break, and not melt. Pretty simple list. Sadly, there’s no such thing as an indestructible countertop (we’ve checked). The good news: most stone countertops are pretty sturdy. Quartz, granite, marble — they’ll all do the job and hold up well under most circumstances. But like anything else, countertops have limits. Quartz tends to burn sooner than granite will (technically it’s the resin that holds the quartz together that burns, but that’s splitting hairs). If you really want to see one burn, VI Granite & Repairs up in Canada were kind enough to take a blowtorch to a slab.

Despite what you see in the video, you’ll probably never have to worry about your quartz countertop catching fire or getting burned. Blow torches can get as hot as 3500 degree Fahrenheit, just a little bit toastier than the average stovetop. So unless you’re planning on doing some welding on your kitchen counter, it’s not something you really have to worry about.