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Why Quartz Countertops are Timeless

More and more, it seems like homeowners are looking for timeless designs. Whether it is remodeling the kitchen or expanding on the back with a family room or conservatory, timeless design is in. We appreciate that here at Bedrock Quartz. Marble, granite, and quartz countertops have been timeless countertop options for years.

What is timeless design? It is design that resists trends. It doesn’t go out of style. Neutral colors are the perfect example. Variations of white, gray, and earth tones are attractive and workable year-in and year-out. In the kitchen, however, achieving timeless design can be a bit challenging.

How often have you heard people on those real estate TV shows talking about how a kitchen looks dated? For some reason, we seem to be more sensitive about dated styles where the kitchen is involved. So if you’re putting money into a kitchen remodel, you want something that isn’t easily dated. That brings us back to quartz countertops as a timeless design option.

Quartz Is a Manufactured Product

The place to start in understanding quartz’ timeless appeal is knowing that quartz countertops are a manufactured product. Quartz itself is a very small mineral found mostly in silica sand. It is not possible to carve large slabs of quartz out of solid rock in the same way we do with granite and marble.

Instead, quartz needs to be harvested from sand and then mixed with other materials to create a solid surface. A quartz countertop is primarily a combination of quartz and resins. What does this have to do with timelessness?

Designs Are Limitless

The fact that quartz countertops are manufactured gives manufacturers many options in terms of design. You could almost say that the design choices are limitless. By carefully selecting resins and dyes, manufacturers can make quartz countertops look like virtually anything.

Is not unusual for quartz countertops to be designed to look like natural stone. There is a very good reason for this: stone countertops are considered timeless. Natural stone never goes out of style. However, they tend to be a bit more fussy as well, needing more attention and maintenance.

Quartz offers the look of natural stone – if that’s what you prefer – along with a tough and durable surface that doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance. And if you don’t like natural stone, quartz countertops in a solid, neutral color are also timeless.

Countertops That Are Built to Last

Another element of timeless design is durability. You want components and features durable enough to last for many, many years. That way, you don’t end up replacing things because they’re worn out or damaged. Quartz fits the bill.

Quartz countertops are built to last. They are as rugged as they can be. They withstand significant impact, sharp edges, and high temperatures. Quartz countertops are very tough to crack or chip. And should an unfortunate accident lead to some sort of blemish, quartz countertops can be repaired.

Come Take a Look for Yourself

We believe that quartz is an ideal choice for homeowners looking for timeless design in a kitchen countertop. But don’t take our word for it. Visit any one of our showrooms throughout Utah and see for yourself. We are confident that you will be impressed.In addition to quartz, we also sell and install marble and granite countertops. Here at Bedrock Quartz, we take tremendous pride in furnishing Utah homeowners with the finest countertops and installation around. We would be happy to help you complete your kitchen remodel project. Book an appointment to come see our Utah showrooms.