Verde Tunas Granite

Materials used

Kitchen Island and Perimeter |Verde Tunas Granite 2cm thickness with Flat Edge

Master Bathroom |Calacatta Classic Quartz 2cm thickness with 1 5/8" Miter Edge

Warm your home without adding decor and clutter. A pop of colored granite can give your home the warmth it needs to look lived in yet inviting and new.

Oh, how I love Bedrock Quartz! Jessica and Cody are so kind, honest, and quick to respond. They made the kitchen counter top process so easy. And their showroom simplifies everything. I loved seeing the samples on a large scale and being able to bring home a smaller sample, that I didn’t have to worry about returning, made the decisions much easier. After finalizing everything, I started to question my decision (like most of us do when it’s such a big decision), BUT I shouldn’t have! They day they were installed I could not stop smiling. I’m STILL smiling. Everyone told me to paint my knotty alder cabinets… I didn’t need to. All I needed were Bedrock Quartz countertops. They changed everything! Such a clean, beautiful look. Now all my girl friends are asking, “Where did you get your counter tops?’

Jennifer L.
June 16, 2016