Verde Tunas Granite

Materials used

Kitchen Island and Perimeter |Verde Tunas Granite 2cm thickness with Flat Edge

Master Bathroom |Calacatta Classic Quartz 2cm thickness with 1 5/8" Miter Edge

Warm your home without adding decor and clutter. A pop of colored granite can give your home the warmth it needs to look lived in yet inviting and new.

Some customers are just difficult. They make their minds up late, expect immediate performance and get irate when their salesman dares to retire mid-process. This was me with Bedrock quartz. They handled all of that with tact and great customer service. They went out of their way to try to meet unreasonable requirements. They also took extreme care in selecting where and how to cut our pieces of granite/quartz to display patterning and coloring to maximum effect. The end result is a wonderful job all around. We had an island, kitchen and pantry work surfaces, the top on a hutch in the dining room, the usual bathroom countertops and a counter in the laundry and, especially nice, hearths and fireplace surrounds throughout the house. Good value too. Cannot commend them highly enough.

Mark B.
July 13, 2016