Verde Tunas Granite

Materials used

Kitchen Island and Perimeter |Verde Tunas Granite 2cm thickness with Flat Edge

Master Bathroom |Calacatta Classic Quartz 2cm thickness with 1 5/8" Miter Edge

Warm your home without adding decor and clutter. A pop of colored granite can give your home the warmth it needs to look lived in yet inviting and new.

We worked with Steve at Bedrock when we were planning our kitchen design and had an awesome experience. He took the time to talk through design options and the pros and cons of different surface types. This was a huge purchase for us, which can be stressful, but with Steve’s help, we felt comfortable and informed enough to make the decision that was right for us, and we absolutely made the right decision. We LOVE our Carrara Marble countertops! Every step of the process was such a positive experience, which can be hard to come by when building a house as an Owner/Builder. They were prompt and professional at all times. The Slabsmith feature was really impressive. Our large center island needed to be in two separate pieces and I had concerns about what the seam would look like. Being able to visualize it beforehand was a great feature. The seam is nearly invisible. Josh the installer spent a lot of time to get things absolutely perfect and we appreciated his attention to detail. We love our counters and would recommend Bedrock Quartz to anyone.

Clayton K.
June 6, 2016