Top 3 Kitchen Trends for Spring 2017


Don’t be afraid of white! It’s not an absence of color it’s a beautiful inviting canvas to add pops of color to. White is one color that can be overly used and appreciated. It gives a room the illusion of more space by transforming the restriction of walls into the expansion of square footage.

When working with white, feel free to play around with different textures and patterns. Although white is beautiful, if done the wrong way, it could feel dull. Using different textures of white material or white patterns gives depth and demension to the same color. Play with patterns of black splash or flooring or perhaps cabinets, the options are endless.

Add back years of youth to your kitchen this spring with white. Who knew white could be so much!

marble kitchen | Bedrock Quartz

Statement Pieces

Have you ever out running errands or casually shopping and come across a piece of furniture or decor that you just fell in love with? It didn’t match much in your home, but you needed to have it. Yeah, so have we!

Statement pieces are the best excuse to finally be able to make that purchase. Buy it, and work around it. It could be a rug that just completes a room or a chandelier that adds that perfect finishing touch.

A statement piece is meant to stand out- so let it stand proud! Think geometric, textured, patterned, multi-leveled, multi-colored, think bold.

Whatever the piece may be, know you are not wild and crazy for wanting it to stand out, it’s perfectly normal, actually it’s more than normal, it’s desired.


For a while, accessory options only came in chrome or stainless steal. Fast forward a couple years and countless trends later, we have options galore. Gold, rose gold, brass, chrome, nickel, brushed nickel, white, black, cinder, metallic, matte, the list can go on and go.

Take these options as opportunities and give more character to your kitchen.

One of the easiest ways to add a pop of metal is to update your faucet. Gold and rose gold are very feminine and popular finishes these days. Blanco faucets are functional and reliable as well as beauitful and trendy. If your style is more traditional than modern, don’t think we’re leaving you out, there’s a finish for you as well. Little touches can make a big difference.

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