Your templating specialist will measure and electronically create the final CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) for production.


To provide the best processing time possible, we aim to fabricate your job as soon as possible after our templators have field measured. This is why it is imperative that ALL decisions be made and information provided before your templater arrives at the job site.


Template appointments can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the job size. The following activities will need to be completed while they are on-site:

Please have someone familiar with the job requirements available in person or via phone for questions during the appointment.


  • • Make sure all items from step 5 are complete before this visit.
  • • Model numbers for sinks, faucets, cooktops, etc., will be verified.
  • • Cast iron or farm-sink-style locations will be recorded.
  • • Cabinet measurements/locations will be recorded.
  • • A digital template will be taken of the cabinets and walls that will come in contact with the tops/splash.
  • • Photos will be taken to verify the information.

Incomplete items below at the time of template could delay your install date:

  • • The job is not ready for measurement, i.e., cabinets are not secure, or the job site is not accessible.
  • • Measurements with an increase greater than two sq. ft. may require a new sales order.
  • • A new layout may be required if you purchase material by the slab.
  • • Missing items on site (owner-provided sinks or cooktop).
  • • Decision changes (edges, colors, faucet, splash, etc.)
  • • Additional design answers are needed from our production team or installers, like piece sizes, joint placement, etc.)


• If no additional information is required and there is no change to the estimate, the Template Review Department will send you another sale order confirmation.

• If any additional approvals or information are needed, they will be resolved/approved by your Stone Specialist.

• An installation date will only be assigned after ALL information is received and verified.


If the material is not in stock (even sinks and faucets purchased by Bedrock Quartz), the completion date will not be assigned until the material arrives at our facility and any necessary layout approvals are received.


No changes can be made after a job has been approved for production.