Interior Design Principles for the Homes

Are you one of those people who was born with an excellent eye for design? If not, did you know that many designers have learned this valuable skill instead of inheriting it? There are some of us that do not have the first inkling of what to do when it comes to designing our homes. To help, we have listed a few of the basic techniques that will help you design your home. These decorating tips are simple enough that just about anyone can use them. We hope you are motivated and comfortable in starting to design one room in your home or your entire house!

The Room’s Focal Point

The most emphasized feature of a room is the focal point. It is what your eye is drawn to when entering the room. Everything around the focal point will complement it. Finding the focal point is the first place to begin when decorating a room. If you are not sure where to start, look around the room for already built-in focal points. For example, a large window or fireplace can serve as built-in focal points. If the room does not already have a focal point, create one.

Think about what you will be doing inside of the room and build your focal point around it. If it is a reading room, make a bookcase your focal point. You can also use a large piece of artwork or a mirror as a focal point. If you already have a focal point, let’s say the fireplace is painted white; you will place some accent pieces around the room in white. If the focal point is a mirror, you may frame it on either side with complementing pieces of artwork. If your room does not have a focal point, you can create one by:

  • Painting one wall a different color and accessorizing it with artwork or decorative shelves.
  • Decide what you want to use the room for then create a focal point around that. A great example would be a reading room and the bookcase as a focal point.
  • Use a large piece of furniture as a focal point.
  • Choose a herringbone patterned hardwood.
  • Use a large piece of artwork/mirror/textile as a focal point.

The Odd Numbers Rule

By designing a room with odd numbers, you will be able to create harmony with visual interest. Designing with odd numbers is a foundation that carries more appealing and memorable areas than even numbered items. You need to have items that vary in height, textures, and shapes. Also, keep in mind that something similar should be happening with each item. There should be something similar that groups these items.

Designing a space takes time. You will learn what works for your house through trial and error. Remember to take it slow and that you know more than you may think. Go design with confidence!

Authored by Shannon Vogel, Published on 2/20/2023


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