Should I choose granite or quartz countertops?

Whether granite or quartz is better for countertops is an age-old debate. Homeowners who are loyal to one are likely to swear it’s better than the other, but how much truth is there to that statement?

The best way to break down the facts is to consider the attributes and characteristics of each material. One may serve your needs best, which is all it takes to make it the “best” choice for your remodel.

Appearance options differ

Granite is a stunning, all-natural stone that offers various color and pattern combinations, where no two pieces look the same. Likewise, quartz has extensive visual choices for custom countertops that mimic any natural material in unlimited color combinations.

To seal or not to seal?

Quartz never requires a sealant because it is entirely nonporous, which means liquids and stains never seep into the stone or surface of the material. However, granite is porous, so it needs to be sealed and resealed as necessary to ensure the same excellent performance, including stain and water resistance.

What are your durability options?

A durable surface is necessary for most households, but not all needs are the same in this area. For example, quartz is harder than granite, but granite countertops offer more heat resistance than quartz, which needs to be protected against damaging heat.

We’ll help you find your best countertop material

At Bedrock Quartz, we aim to ensure your complete satisfaction with quality products, craftsmanship, and dependable, timely services. We know that your surfaces should last as long as you need them to and perform in ways that match your family’s needs and preferences.

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