Beveled Countertop Edges Might Just Be the Choice for You

We continue our monthly look into the different types of countertop edges – this time looking at the beveled edge. Beveled edges are a popular choice for modern homes where a certain aesthetic is desired. Even so, the edge truly works with just about any style. It might just be the perfect choice for you.

Beveled edges are just one of the options we offer with quartz, granite, and marble countertops. Some of the more popular alternatives are flat and bullnose edges. All have their own unique appeal. As for beveled edges, they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

More About the Beveled Edge

Before getting into why you might choose a beveled edge for your new countertops, it’s probably a good idea to point out the basic characteristics of this particular edge. A beveled edge is one that is cut at an angle in relation to the flat surface of the countertop.

As a general rule, a basic beveled edge features a single cut along the top surface. That cut is made at about 45 degrees. However, the angle could be greater or less depending on a homeowner’s personal preferences. The angle of the cut is more an aesthetic thing than anything else.

You should also know that there are single and double-beveled edges. A single bevel consists of just one cut along the top edge. A double bevel features cuts along the top and bottom edges. Again, one’s preference for a single or double bevel is an aesthetic choice.

Reasons to Consider the Beveled Edge

Whether you are looking at new marble, granite, or quartz countertops, the beveled edge is available. Why would you consider it? There are several reasons that immediately come to mind:

  • Modern Appeal – There is no denying that the beveled edge offers a modern aesthetic appeal. Remember that most older homes have countertops with either flat or bullnose edges. The beveled edge is a more modern look.
  • Safety Concerns – In terms of safety, the flat edge is probably the least safe of all simply because it encourages sharp edges. You don’t have those sharp edges with a beveled edge. There is less risk of hurting yourself should you accidentally run or fall into the countertop with any amount of force.
  • Spills and Drips – Beveled edges virtually guarantee that any liquid spilled on the counter will drip directly onto the floor rather than running underneath the countertop and down the cabinets. That is a big plus.
  • Easy Cleaning – If you are concerned that beveled edges might be more difficult to clean, you can stop worrying. They are no more difficult to clean than any other type of edge. In fact, a beveled edge makes it easy to brush crumbs and other loose debris off the countertop and into your hand.

These are just four reasons you might consider a beveled edge for your new countertops. There may be other things you think about that we have not. If so, that’s great. Any reason you might have for choosing beveled edges is valid.

It’s All About You

When you work with Bedrock Quartz to purchase and install your new granite, quartz, or marble countertops, one of the things we will ask about is your choice of edge. You will find we ask a lot of questions because we want you to end up with the perfect countertops. From our perspective, it is all about you.

If the beveled edge isn’t your thing, no worries. We offer several other edge choices. Do not be afraid to ask about them before you make your final choice.