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Introducing the Exquisite but Simple Waterfall Edge

Our regular journey into the different countertop edges continues with the waterfall edge. This is a favorite among customers who prefer quartz and marble countertops over laminates. It is an exquisite but simple edge that completely changes the way a kitchen looks.

A Rounded and Smooth Edge

The key signatures of the waterfall edge are two-fold: a rounded edge and a smooth finish. Starting with the round edge, the waterfall is very similar to the bullnose edge with one prominent exception. Rather than having a hard line that divides the flat surface from the rounded edge, the waterfall has no line. The top surface of the counter rolls over into the edge as seamlessly as water over a cliff – hence the name.

It makes sense to make this edge as smooth as possible. The idea is to create an edge with no discernible difference between top and side. Making it smooth and rounded blurs the two surfaces from a visual perspective. And that’s key to how waterfall edges change the look of a kitchen.

Kitchens Actually Look Bigger

Choosing a waterfall edge for your granite or quartz countertops may seem like an insignificant detail from an aesthetic standpoint. But it is really bigger than you might imagine. Because the waterfall edge is rounded and with no discernible line dividing top and side, it creates the illusion of a smaller countertop and edge. That illusion creates another one: a bigger-looking kitchen.

If this does not seem right to you, we invite you to come and check it out for yourself in any one of our showrooms. A waterfall edge doesn’t give you any more space in your kitchen. But it does create the illusion of more space. It is kind of surreal when you see it in person, yet the illusion is no less legitimate.

Because of this illusion, we recommend waterfall edges in smaller kitchens where space is a premium. Combined with light colors and plenty of natural light through the windows, a waterfall edge can make your kitchen feel a lot bigger than it is.

Easy Enough to Clean

Of course, the waterfall edge offers more than just the illusion of bigger spaces. Homeowners also find that it is extremely easy to clean. Not having that line of definition between top surface and side makes it a lot less likely that food will get stuck to the corner. Crumbs can be wiped off effortlessly. And when you wipe down the top surface, there is no edge to catch the residue.

On the downside, liquids are more likely to easily flow over the edge, underneath, and down the cabinets. So you need to be more careful about liquid spills when you have waterfall edges. We recommend a high gloss finish on the cabinetry below. High gloss finishes are less likely to absorb stains.

A Modern and Elegant Edge

We refer to the waterfall edge as an exquisite edge because of its built-in elegance. Think of it this way: the waterfall edge makes it difficult to recognize where the top surface ends and the side of the counter begins. The result is that the countertops fade into the background when you’re taking an overall view of the space. They are still there, but your eyes are not drawn immediately to them. They become a supporting actor on the grander stage that is your kitchen.

If you are planning on new quartz or granite countertops, the waterfall edge is an option. Why not visit one of our showrooms and take a look for yourself? We think you will be impressed.