How to Free Up More Counter Space for Food Prep | Bedrock Quartz

Maximizing Countertop Space for Food Prep

Imagine investing in new kitchen countertops only to discover that, months down the road, you barely use them for food prep. They are unusable because so much space is being taken up by appliances, utensils, pots and pans, and the general clutter that kitchens seem to accumulate. Sound familiar?

Whether you have a large kitchen or a small one, we are willing to bet that you consider counter space prime kitchen real estate. The smaller your kitchen, the more valuable your counter space is. Perhaps it is time to reclaim some of that value by clearing away the clutter so that you can use your countertops for the purpose for which they were intended: food preparation.

Reclaim That Under Countertop Storage

How many of us really like to bend or kneel in the kitchen? We are so averse to getting down low that a lot of us don’t make use of the lowest storage spaces in our cabinets. But ignoring that lower space means not being efficient. Why not reclaim it with a creative storage solution that includes a pull-out shelf?

A multi-level pull-out shelf minimizes the need to bend down or kneel to get to that lower storage space. Install a shelf and then store your least frequently used appliances in the space. If you have big kitchen utensils that are used rarely, like roasting pans, they are also good candidates for lower storage.

Consider Space Under the Cabinets

In some kitchens, the space directly underneath the kitchen cabinets is wasted space. Perhaps you have enough space to mount your microwave underneath. Doing so would free up some valuable counter space. Strategically placed shelving mounted under the cabinets instantly provides space for cutlery, your spice rack, and other smaller items.

Make Use of Cabinet Doors

Although there are exceptions to the rule, most kitchen cabinets leave some space between the inside of the door and the outer surface of the shelves within. This is a space you can take advantage of by storing thinner items like kitchen knives, potholders, and even cutting boards. Everything you can get off the countertops, no matter how small, frees up food prep space.

Hang a Few Shelves Above Your Countertops

If you are living in a small starter home, you could be hurting for both counter and cabinet space. Your kitchen is ideal for a few strategically hung shelving units. Place things like cutlery and spices on top of the shelves. Then hang pots and pans from the underside by attaching hooks to the lowest shelf.

Just Say No to Clutter

We have saved what is arguably the most difficult to implement tip for last: just say no to clutter. In a lot of our homes, the real issue with cluttered countertops is not a lack of kitchen storage. It is a matter of the kitchen counter being the catch-all for everything carried into the house at the end of the day. And if that’s the case in your home, the best way to reclaim counter space for food prep is to make a commitment to no longer using the kitchen as a drop zone.

Investing in new countertops can completely transform a kitchen. It would be a shame to do so and then never use the counters for food prep. Do not let that happen in your home. Free up that counter space and use it as intended.

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