Use Fall Colors Trends to Update Your Home

If there’s a silver lining to the pandemic, it’s that we are all seeking comfort, especially in our homes that we have spent so much time in. We are seeking comfort in the form of color, texture and layers.

The need to turn a closet or other small space into a home office or homework station has created a need for warmth, comfort and personalization.The more time you spend in your space, the more you need the space to feel like a place you can retreat and spend even more time in.

Do you find yourself gravitating towards soft textures and natural materials like wood or wood looks?

To achieve this search for comfort in your home, below are some ways to incorporate fall into this look and feel!

Add layers of pillows, blankets and area rugs to your space to make them feel cozier and more intimate. Textures that are soft, natural or chunky like cable knit will do the trick.

Choose flooring that has a warm, rich wood tone or wood look. Having the foundation of your room feel warm, rich and inviting will give you a feeling of comfort for years to come.

Decorate with colors that are warm earthy neutrals like shades of terracotta. Neutrals like sandstone mixed with warm, rich colors are appealing and inviting.

Use paint to update and freshen up your space. Maybe you don’t want to paint a wall but you want to incorporate the trendy new Fall colors into your home this Autumn.

Paint a chair. If an old chair frame is in good shape, it can easily be repainted, reupholstered and loved like new again. Paint the back of a bookcase for a pop of personalized color. Add an unexpected splash of color to the inside of your vanity, dresser or nightstand drawers.

Paint your closet doors. Pick up a color from your bedspread or throw pillows. This will make a dramatic difference in your bedroom. Why not also add vibrancy in an unexpected way by not just painting your headboard but the entire bed frame? If you have a four-poster bed this will be especially striking.

Just like any other piece of furniture — a dresser, bookshelf, headboard or nightstand — a secondhand desk can be given the same custom update. All you have to do is look beyond the scratches and exterior imperfections, because most can be fixed and covered with a few coats of paint.

Get creative. Get personal. Find what speaks to you and works for you this Fall. Grab a warm drink, a chunky blanket and some peace of mind!

Authored by Shannon Vogel, Published on 10/29/2021