How to Create a Modern and Sleek Bathroom Design

How to Create a Modern and Sleek Bathroom Design

Who doesn’t love the look of a modern and sleek room? Experts say it is time to apply this design concept to the bathroom. The bathroom is a space in the home that is often neglected when it comes to design due to the focus on functionality. You don’t have to sacrifice design in order to achieve functionality! Modern bathroom design lends itself to a more peaceful environment because the clean lines create less visual interruptions.
The key to creating a sleek look in the bathroom is simplicity. You will want to embrace minimalism with super clean, chic furnishings. Whether your home’s overall style is more rustic or traditional and you want to dabble with a modern style for the bathroom or your whole style is a modernist fantasy, here are some tips for creating the perfect modern bathroom:

Crisp Neutral Colors

The palette of a modern and sleek powder room is very simple. You will need to embrace a lot of crisp neutrals like shades of white, black, charcoal gray and taupe. You will find that most modern bathrooms use less sophisticated materials like wood varieties, nickel, veined natural stone or porcelain. These materials can be used to accent elements to make a subtle statement rather than overwhelming the space.
If you do not want the space to feel too cold, you can bring in natural touches through warm woods. Be sure to stick to subtle grains in order to preserve the tranquil and clean-lined atmosphere.


There are many flooring choices that work well in a modern bathroom design. There are plentiful options in wood looks in luxury vinyl plank or tile. Natural stone comes in different shapes and styles that can lend to a modern look like hex patterns and linear patterns. Porcelain tiles come in large format sizes that give the look of clean lines, rectified edges create the sharpest, clean lines. Ceramic, stone and porcelain tiles come in high polished finishes or smooth, subtle matte finishes.


To continue with the modern look and feel, consider using the wood, tile or stone flooring options above on the walls. Not only will this create a modern look, it will protect the walls from water and bathroom products like hair spray and dry shampoo. Consider tiling the entire wall behind the sink and mirrors. This can dramatically change the look of the room without breaking the bank. Try putting wall tile on one wall as an accent wall. Run the shower or tub tile all the way to the ceiling to maintain clean lines and visually increase the height of the space.

Implement Modern Lighting

In order to really make your bathroom look, feel both fresh and clean, bright and modern lighting choices is essential. Use LED bulbs which provide bright, white lighting without heat or creating yellowish undertones. Often, modern light cast a cool glow. Use lighting above the medicine cabinet to keep the walls super bright, which ultimately makes the bathroom look bigger. Modern light fixtures include styles like a pendant or fixtures that are flush with the walls, which create beautifully illuminated spaces.

Minimalist Accessories

Since a modern bathroom embraces a minimalist style, you want to use simple accessories. A frameless mirror will look elegant in such a space especially if it is extended from wall to wall. Use streamlined hardware that originates from one manufacturer that features one solid finish that you can use for the faucet, shower fixtures, and towel bar.

What are your thoughts on modern design? Do any of these ideas inspire you to create a modern designed bathroom?

Authored by Shannon Vogel, Published on 2/28/2022