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4 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2024

You are hopefully visiting our website because you are thinking about installing new countertops in the kitchen. Does that mean you are also considering a full kitchen remodel? If so, what is your style preference? Maybe you’re looking for something old and traditional. Perhaps you are looking to update your kitchen for a more modern look and feel.

We have done a little digging around to try to get a pulse on the latest kitchen remodeling trends. There are four that we think might interest our customers. The nice thing about all of them is the fact that they easily incorporate marble, granite, and quartz countertops.

1. Modern Farmhouse Takes a Break

The modern farmhouse style has been all the rage for the better part of three or four years. It is not going away, but it does appear that more homeowners are taking a break from modern farmhouse in the kitchen. That includes all-white color schemes. Instead, the trend for 2024 appears to be more natural wood in darker colors.

Natural wood cabinets are beautifully complemented with quartz and marble, especially in darker collars. The right quartz or marble can actually draw out the beauty of natural wood. Throw in a hardwood or natural stone floor and you have a real winner.

2. More Functional Islands

The island has been a hot trend for more than a decade. These days however homeowners appear to be looking for ways to get more function out of their islands. They don’t want islands that are merely extra seating space or a place to stack stuff during the week. Many are looking to utilize the space under their islands for storage. Think drawers and cabinets.

Improving storage space on an island has very little impact on countertop choice. However, you may want to consider eliminating any lip or overhang if you’re going to install doors. An overhang will just get in the way. A better choice is to have the countertop edge be flush with the drawers.

3. Extra Refrigeration Space

One of the more interesting trends we are seeing is adding more refrigeration space. Homeowners want a traditional refrigerator for most of their daily-use items. But to store things like beverages and special treats, they are adding additional refrigerators under the counters. Even small refrigerators built into an island work well.

Smaller refrigerators are ideal for those items that get replenished regularly. They are ideal for things mom and dad want to be easily accessible to the kids. As extra refrigeration, they come in quite handy for entertaining purposes as well.

4. Statement Making Stoves and Hoods

Finally, we are starting to see a trend toward statement making stoves and hoods. Rather than just a plain white or stainless-steel stove and nondescript hood above, homeowners are choosing to go big and bold with their hood-stove combinations.

You might not be in the market to replace your stove but changing out the hood could make an enormous difference. You can also coordinate your new hood with a quartz, marble, or granite countertop by choosing a similar and complementing color. A bold hood makes a huge statement in the modern kitchen.

Regardless of what you have planned for your remodeling project, we have the high-quality countertops you are looking for. Come visit us and see our full selection of countertop materials, edges, and colors. We are confident that you will find something that works perfectly in your plan. Remember that we install what we sell, and we back up every transaction with the customer service you expect and deserve.