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4 Trends Driving Today’s Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations have been a thing for as long as people have been buying houses. Though we don’t have the hard numbers to prove it, we wouldn’t be surprised if the first room subject to renovation for most home buyers is the kitchen. This notwithstanding, countertops are always a concern for kitchen renovation projects.

Should a homeowner choose granite, marble, quartzite or quartz countertops? Or maybe stone isn’t the right choice. Perhaps concrete or woodwork is better. One thing we know for sure is that countertop choices are often influenced by the purpose for renovating.

We did some research in hopes of determining the main trends that are driving kitchen renovations in 2024. We identified the following four trends that seemed to top the list:

1. Creating a More Open Layout

There is no denying that the open-floor concept has been popular for more than a decade. Our research indicates that kitchen renovations in older homes are often undertaken to achieve this very thing. Homeowners want to remove the walls dividing kitchen and living spaces. They want a bigger, open room that is more conducive to entertaining and family socialization.

Creating a more open layout lends itself well to larger kitchens with more counter space. Moreover, few materials work as well in large spaces as natural stone. The open concept is perfectly complemented by quartz, marble, and granite.

2. To Make Better Use of Space

Another trend we uncovered is that of remodeling the kitchen to make better use of existing space. In a homeowner’s estimation, the previous layout is inefficient. For example, maybe the workflow could be better. How does the homeowner achieve that? You could rip  it all out and start over.

Making better use of space will definitely impact countertop decisions. The new counters will likely be larger or smaller than the ones they are replacing. They are likely to be installed in a slightly different layout as well.

3. The Desire for a Kitchen Island

Believe it or not, islands continue to be trendy. So much so that people are remodeling their kitchens in order to open up space for an island. Combine the desire for an island with the open floor concept and you really have something to work with.

From the countertop perspective, you are now looking at both standard counters and the island. Do you want both to be the same material? If not, you might choose granite or quartz for the countertops and wood for the island. The possibilities are endless.

The one caveat to this particular scenario is that you need a fairly sizable kitchen to start with. Transforming a galley kitchen into a space large enough to comfortably accommodate a sizable island would mean giving up too much space in an adjoining room.

4. The Desire for More Stored Space

Finally, families hoping to remodel their kitchens are often looking for more storage space. A lack of adequate storage is a characteristic of older kitchens from the 1970s and 80s, especially in the realm of starter homes. But even the more modest homes of the 1990s and 2000s can be surprisingly inadequate in terms of kitchen storage.

No matter the reason for gutting a kitchen and starting over, countertops are one of the choices homeowners need to deal with. Here at Bedrock Quartz, we firmly believe that natural stone countertops are a good choice for any kitchen. If you would like to see some of the choices for yourself, visit one of our Utah showrooms. We will be happy to turn you on to the beauty and durability of stone.