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Quartzite Countertops and the Benefits of This Beautiful Stone

You have choices when it comes to countertop materials. Here at Bedrock Quartz, we are known for our granite, marble, and quartz countertops. But now you have another choice: quartzite countertops. Would you like to know more?

Quartzite countertops come with their own collection of impressive benefits. So let’s dig in and look at the most important among them. Should you decide that quartzite is worth considering, do not hesitate to see it for yourself at one of our Utah showrooms.

1. Quartzite Countertops are Durable

Quartzite is a natural stone formed when sandstone is put under intense heat and high pressure. Quartz minerals in the sandstone are packed tightly together to form a tough and durable rock. Quartzite is a lot like marble and granite in this respect.

It is tough enough to stand up to daily wear and tear. It is extremely hard and very resistant to scratches, cracks, and chips. Quartzite countertops tend to be long lasting kitchen components that offer decades of faithful service.

2. Quartzite Is Heat Resistant

As a natural stone, quartzite can withstand moderate heat. It generally does well for daily cooking as long as the material is properly sealed. Briefly placing a hot pan on a quartzite countertop shouldn’t be a problem. However, high heat can be an issue. High heat for extended amounts of time can warp or scorch quartzite. That being said, we always recommend using trivets anyway.

3. Sealing Prevents Stains

Natural stone materials are somewhat porous. Therefore, consumers tend to worry about stains. Staining isn’t an issue with quartzite as long as the material is regularly sealed. Sealing protects quartzite from highly acidic substances like vinegar and wine.

How often is sealing necessary? That depends on both the stone and sealant. On average, sealing once per year should do the trick.

4. Classic Beauty and Unique Character

Many of our customers expect a certain level of maintenance and care regardless of the countertops they choose. For them, the deciding factor is often aesthetic. We get it. A beautiful countertop goes a long way toward adding value to a kitchen.

Quartzite is known for its classic beauty. Like marble and granite, it offers unique veining patterns that are not duplicated from one countertop to the next. Every slab of quartzite is unique. Even multiple countertops cut from the same slab are distinct from one another.

In addition to its beauty, quartzite also offers unique character. Subtle color variations and veining patterns in broad strokes make quartzite unlike any other natural stone. It really has a character that stands out.

5. It Has Value-Adding Potential

There is no arguing that natural stone countertops cost more than entry-level wood and laminate auctions. Quartzite is among the more expensive materials. But when you consider that the kitchen tends to be the most important room in a home from a property value perspective, quartzite countertops could ultimately pay for themselves by adding value.

Another way to put it is this: when it comes time to sell, quartzite countertops could help you sell faster and at a higher price. Combining new quartzite countertops with a remodel that modernizes the kitchen could knock your home out of the park, as it were.

Most of what you get with quartzite is positive. The material offers a lot of great benefits that are definitely worth considering. We invite you to do just that before you make a decision on your new countertops. And if you have questions, feel free to ask. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always happy to help you better understand quartzite benefits. Come view our quartzite countertops in person at one of our Utah countertop showrooms.