Combining Different Decorating Styles Between You and Your Partner

Moving in with your new partner or spouse can be a giant milestone in life! You get to spend more time together, learn each other’s habits, and can help each other grow. So, no negatives, right? Of course not! You will constantly be having to learn to give and take and compromise when adapting your different lifestyles. So, what happens when you both disagree on how you want to decorate the house? Perhaps, you both have two very distinct decorating styles and just cannot come to terms on which will work best in the house. Keep reading!

First Things First
Approach with compassion and in times of changes, proceed slowly. You both live here. It should be a sanctuary for both of you. It’s not about who is right and who is wrong. It’s about finding the balance of what works for both of you. Listening to each other is the best way to get what you both want.

Each Choosing Several Rooms to Decorate
Say one of you loves Shabby Chic, and one of you loves Contemporary. You both have two distinct design styles you love; however, the two designs do not blend together well. You have both established a fair share of furniture and décor to complement your own design style; however, these two styles clash in your new home. Instead of creating a battle over the two designs, break the house down into different sections. Allow each another to decorate different rooms/spaces in the home. Maybe you find a floor that you both agree on and have that be the consistent thing that ties everything together. Keep in mind that open layout homes can become more challenging. You may need walls or doors to create barriers, where rooms start and end.

Mixing the Two Designs
Perhaps you love Modern, and your partner loves Rustic. Consider blending the two designs. Many design styles help create guidelines. You may use more earthy tones and raw materials in your Rustic themed home while the Modern home may have more clean-cut lines. You now have the privilege of creating a new design. Learn what works with each other. Find a way to help your designs complement each other while decorating your home. This is an excellent way to grow together and learn to work with each another in your new home.

Finding a New Design That You Both Like
Maybe your significant other adores Art Deco, and you choose a more Southwestern Style of living. You just cannot seem to agree on splitting the design, and the two styles do not blend well. Spend some time together exploring Pinterest and the web to find a style you both agree on having in your home. It may not be your favorite or your spouses’ number one choice, but finding a middle ground, you can both appreciate it. Plus, it helps tailor your home to you two as a couple.

Designing with someone else can be challenging! Do your best not to let it be a source of stress. Just like in life and business, approach it as an opportunity for growth, assume positive intent and proceed with kindness and compassion.

Authored by Shannon Vogel, Published on 8/23/2022