Should You Add an Island to Your Kitchen?

We recently published a blog post discussing how to properly size a new kitchen island. Positive feedback has led us to come up with a follow-up. So let us discuss whether you should install an island. You really want one, but should you?

The decision will ultimately be up to you. Should you decide to go for it, you will also get to choose a countertop to crown your island. You can go with a basic laminate or even a butcher block. But if you want true class, style, and durability, consider a new quartz or granite countertop from Bedrock Quartz.

Do you have the space?

Your first consideration goes back to the blog post we referred to above and properly sizing an island. It boils down to whether you truly have the space. Remember that function is more important than form in the kitchen. Regardless of how beautiful your kitchen might be, it will be a waste of space if limited functionality forces you to eat out rather than cooking at home.

Ideally, having about 40 inches to work with all the way around suggests you have plenty of space. You can do with less, but you still need enough space to comfortably move and function in the kitchen. Also consider what you might do in the event of an emergency – like a grease fire on the stove, for example. Not being able to freely move around could be problematic.

Do you want your island to have seats?

A lot of our customers who choose quartz or granite countertops for a new island are planning to use the island as a bar of sorts. They buy a large enough countertop to create an overhang and then invest in several barstools. Is this what you’re thinking?

A desire for seating goes back to the space issue. Do you have enough space for people comfortably sit at the island? Assuming that this is the case, you will also want to slip the barstools under the overhang when not in use.

What type of storage are you looking at?

Most people who install islands intend to use the bulk of the structure for storage. What kind of storage are you looking at? It could be traditional cabinets with shelves, a completely open space, or a custom-designed storage solution. Either way, how you configure storage will contribute to the eventual cost of the island.

Speaking of storage, an island might be the best option if you lack adequate storage in your existing cabinets and cannot afford to do a complete kitchen remodel. You might gain just enough storage with an island to make things a lot more comfortable.

Are you thinking of a complete overhaul?

One last thing to consider is whether you are doing a complete kitchen overhaul. If you are, and you have the space, adding an island seems logical. An island gives you extra countertop and storage space along with the possibility of extended seating. It is a win-win no matter how you look at it.

If you’re not doing a full overhaul, you need to ask yourself how much you’ll spend on an island in relation to how much money future upgrades might cost. In other words, installing an island now only to completely gut the kitchen and remodel five years down the road might not be the smartest idea.

There is no right or wrong choice here. What’s right is that you end up with the kitchen you want. If that includes an island with a quartz or granite countertop, go for it. After all, it’s your kitchen.