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How Can Stone Countertops be Customized?

Natural stone materials, like granite and marble, are great options for modern kitchen countertops. Both granite and marble countertops add a touch of class and elegance to any kitchen. And as natural stone materials, they hold up extremely well with proper care. But what about customization? Many of our customers wonder how much room there is for customization when you are working with natural stone.

Some aspects of a natural stone countertop can be customized; others cannot. But with realistic expectations and an understanding of what goes into building marble and granite countertops, you can get a finished product more than capable of meeting your needs and preferences.

What Cannot Be Customized

We will start with a discussion of what cannot be customized, since it involves a shorter list of items. Two things in particular stand out: looks and durability. In respect to both, you get what comes out of the quarry.

From an aesthetic standpoint, marble and granite offer unparalleled beauty. You can also choose from different looks based on what a manufacturer has available at any given time. But there are limits. We need to be content with what nature gives us. Whatever look a slab of granite or marble offers is the look it will offer permanently. This will not change.

In terms of durability, there are things homeowners can do to extend the life of a natural stone countertop. But there is nothing that can be done at the manufacturing level to make natural stone more dense, less brittle, and so forth. Once again, we work with whatever nature provides.

What Can Be Customized

The list of things that can be customized with natural stone countertops is a bit longer. The first item on that list is layout. When you go to the hardware store in search of laminate countertops, you are generally looking at pre-manufactured products in a variety of standard sizes. If none of the sizes fit your kitchen, you’re out of luck.

Marble and granite countertops can be cut to size. That means they can accommodate virtually any layout. It really doesn’t matter how long your countertops need to be or whether you need multiple counter surfaces on perpendicular walls. Size and layout can be easily accommodated.

Other customization options include:

  • Thickness – Marble and granite countertops can be cut to various thicknesses based on customer need. Thickness does have an impact on installation and durability, so both need to be considered in the design stage.
  • Seams – A typical natural stone countertop installation includes at least one or two seams. However, seamless installations can also be accommodated within reason. Seamless countertops are more expensive and more challenging to install.
  • Edge – Marble and granite countertops can be installed with a variety of different edge options. Bedrock Quartz customers are given the opportunity to choose the perfect edge prior to installation.
  • Polish – Natural stone countertops are polished prior to installation. However, there are different options that affect what the finished product looks like.

Given that some of the customization options are implemented during installation, we always recommend letting professionals install new granite or marble countertops. They have the knowledge and experience to do the job right. When you are investing in natural stone, paying for installation is worth it.

If you’re looking at installing new natural stone countertops, you’ll be pleased to know that there is some room for customization with both marble and granite. If you would like to know more, visit any of our Utah showrooms and see samples of our granite and marble products in person.


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