Why You Should Consider a Backsplash for Your Kitchen

Bedrock Quartz specializes in marble, granite, and quartz countertops throughout Utah. But did you know that we offer sinks, faucets, and tile for floor, wall, and backsplash? Indeed, we do. We also recommend the backsplash for nearly every kitchen.

The backsplash may be the most overlooked feature of the modern kitchen. Many homes already have backsplashes installed, but many others do not. It is definitely a personal thing. Nonetheless, there are some tangible benefits to adding a backsplash to a kitchen that doesn’t yet have one.

More About the Backsplash

We will get into the top three reasons for installing a backsplash below. But first, what is a backsplash? It is a protective surface affixed to the wall directly behind the kitchen sink. In most cases, the backsplash is made of tile. It doesn’t have to be, though.

We have seen wood backsplashes covered with a laminate material. We have seen homeowners fashion backsplashes out of leftover linoleum after redoing the floor. We have even seen poured concrete backsplashes. It is just that tile is the most common material because it offers a ton of protection at an affordable cost and with easy installation.

Top 3 Reasons for Installing One

Now that you understand what a backsplash is, let’s get to the actual reasons for installing one. We always recommend a new backsplash when installing new granite, marble, or quartz countertops. Even laminate kitchen countertops are better off with a backsplash behind the sink.

1. A Backsplash Protects the Wall

Before anything else, a backsplash is functional. Its main purpose is to protect the wall behind the sink. Hence, its name. The backsplash prevents water from splashing up and soaking into the drywall or plaster behind the sink. That is actually more important than many homeowners know.

Drywall doesn’t hold up well to water. Its integrity can be compromised over many years of soaking up water. In addition, wet drywall can breed mold, which is certainly not good. Protecting the wall alone is sufficient reason to install a backsplash.

2. A Backsplash Is Easier to Clean

Given that most backsplashes consist of a layer of ceramic tile, you have a surface that is fairly easy to clean. Warm water and damp cloth are sufficient in most cases. Where more aggressive cleaning is necessary, dish soap or a generic cleaning product you would use on your counter will do the trick.

On the other hand, cleaning painted walls isn’t so easy. You generally don’t want to scrub walls because doing so can take the paint off. And of course, using water to clean a painted wall only adds to potential problems.

3. A Backsplash Can Add Aesthetic Value

Finally, there is no need for a functional backsplash to be ugly. It doesn’t even have to be aesthetically neutral. Homeowners can take advantage of backsplash installation to improve a kitchen’s overall appearance. The backsplash ends up being a designer freebie, so to speak.

For example, subway tile is pretty popular right now. A modern kitchen featuring a slightly industrial look can be capped off beautifully by a subway tile backsplash.

You might prefer a painted ceramic tile with an ornate pattern. The right design can make an otherwise plain kitchen really pop. But even if painted patterns are not your thing, a solid color that contrasts with the countertops can create a very nice effect.

If you are installing new countertops, seriously consider adding a backsplash. Consider a backsplash even if you are satisfied with your current countertops. A backsplash is a nice feature that combines wall protection with an aesthetic appeal.