Quartz Countertops Are Ideal for the Bathroom, Too

Mention quartz countertops and most people will usually think of the kitchen. And why not? Quartz is a fantastic material for kitchen countertops in both high-end and mid-range kitchens. But what about the bathroom? Absolutely. Quartz is ideal as a top surface for bathroom vanities.

This is no joke. Here in Utah, we work with plenty of customers in the midst of bathroom remodeling projects, customers who want high-end materials and fixtures. They want their bathrooms to be as upscale and stylish as their kitchens. That being the case, a smaller quartz countertop to cap off a new bath vanity is a smart idea.

Quartz Is Strong and Tough

Utah homeowners love quartz for their kitchen countertops because the material is strong and tough. Putting quartz in the bathroom doesn’t change anything. It is still strong and tough enough to withstand bathroom moisture, toothpaste and mouthwash spills, and just about anything else you can throw at it.

Quartz is tough enough that it doesn’t have to be sealed. It cleans up easily, so you don’t have to worry about mold and mildew. It is just a great bathroom material all the way around. We highly recommend it for vanity countertops.

Quartz Requires Very Little Maintenance

Because quartz is nonporous, it doesn’t absorb stains easily. It is also fairly resistant to chips and cracks. If a small blemish does develop, repairing it is pretty straightforward. When you get right down to it, quartz requires very little maintenance. Just keep it clean and it will look fantastic for years.

Quartz Fits the Modern Aesthetic

One thing we have noticed working with Utah homeowners is that people want a modern aesthetic when remodeling their bathrooms. They do not want a whole lot of dark wood; they don’t want bawdy fixtures. Carpet in the bathroom is definitely out. They also want neutral colors that are easy on the eyes.

As a countertop capping off the bathroom vanity, quartz fits the bill. It matches that modern aesthetic in nearly every respect. But even if you weren’t necessarily going for ultra-modern, quartz countertops offer enough variation that you could find something to match the look you’re going for.

Quartz Offers so Many Options

As long as we are talking about achieving a specific look, one of the big benefits of quartz is variation. Quartz countertops are manufactured products that combine quartz mineral with different resins. Manufacturers can achieve different colors and veining patterns by adding dyes to their resins.

You can choose a quartz countertop that looks just like natural stone quarried from Italy or Brazil. You can also opt for a solid color with no veining whatsoever. You can literally get exactly what you want regardless of the design style you are hoping to achieve.

Adding Value to Both Kitchen and Bath

We think it is appropriate to close this post by reminding you just how much value quartz countertops can add to both the kitchen and bath. Always remember just how important these two rooms are to homebuyers. They are the two rooms to invest most of your upgrade resources in for the simple fact that they are the rooms that sell a house.

Today’s buyers love the look and feel of natural stone. They want it as much in the bathroom as the kitchen. We love granite for all the reasons mentioned in this post. We suspect you will too.

If you are planning to remodel the bathroom and your plans include a new vanity, give serious thought to a granite countertop. You will be amazed at how well it works in the modern bathroom.