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4 Post-Remodel Options for Those Old Kitchen Cabinets

A while back we published a post offering suggestions for what you could do with old countertops after replacing them with quartz, granite, or marble from Bedrock Quartz. It went so well we decided to write a follow-up post dealing with cabinets. If you are doing a complete kitchen remodel, you’ll probably wind up with cabinets you no longer have use for.

Assuming you can remove the cabinets without damaging them, you do have options. You do not have to break them up and throw them in the trash. You don’t have to burn them in the backyard fire pit. In fact, burning them is probably a bad idea anyway. Kitchen cabinetry is treated with chemicals that would be released into the air through burning.

So, what can you do? After a full remodeling project that includes new cabinets and countertops, consider the following for the old cabinets:

1. Install Them in the Garage

More than one homeowner has taken those old cabinets out to the garage where they were installed for storage purposes. This is a fantastic idea. Setting up old cabinets against the back wall provides excellent storage for garden tools, sports equipment, those ramps you use when you are changing your oil, and a whole lot more.

If you have a bunch of unsightly paint cans sitting on the floor, stash them in the cabinets as well. Your gas can and extra propane tank for the grill can be stored away and out of sight. Just remember to always keep flammables away from anything that might produce a spark.

2. Build a New Desk

Old kitchen cabinets can be a fantastic base for a new desk in your office. With a little elbow grease and some creativity, you can have a new desk without spending an arm and a leg on something from the office store. Best of all, your creation will be entirely unique. You will add character to your office and have the feeling of satisfaction that comes with building something on your own.

3. Donate Them

Believe it or not, you might be able to donate those old cabinets to a local charity. For example, think of a soup kitchen looking to expand its footprint by renting new space. Organizers may not have enough money to pay for brand new cabinets. By donating yours, you are helping a good cause and keeping them out of the landfill.

You might have a family member willing to take them off your hands as well. If not, check with some of the people you know in the neighborhood. If you are willing to look around, the chances are pretty good that someone will be interested in them.

4. Sell Them

Yet another option is to try to sell them. Just as there are charities willing to accept old cabinets as donations, there are remodeling contractors who specialize in using repurposed materials. Not only do they save materials from their own jobs, but they also purchase materials harvested from other jobs.

Depending on the manufacturer and the materials your old cabinets are made from, they could be worth quite a bit. You can try selling them online or by putting an ad in a publication like Craigslist.

We work with customers all the time who are planning complete kitchen remodels. It is not uncommon for them to ask us what they can do with their old countertops and cabinets. Now you have some ideas. The main thing we want you to remember is that you don’t have to throw away the old stuff. There are multiple options for reusing and repurposing.