Kitchen Remodels Shouldn’t Be on a Complete Whim

One of the biggest mistakes made by people who rush into kitchen remodeling projects is ending up with something that doesn’t work well two or three years down the road. It is important to think about the future of your home in addition to what you want right now. Sometimes what homeowners really want goes against everything future buyers will want. You need to find that sweet spot somewhere in the middle unless you don’t mind eventually putting your house on the market with a kitchen that won’t help you sell.

Think Through Your Material Choices

As a company that specializes in marble, granite, and quartz countertops, we know there is no shortage of materials for kitchen remodels. You have wood, metal, and composites. You have natural stone and laminates. You have ceramic tile, linoleum, manufactured wood flooring, and on and on.

The reasons for considering your material choices are many. At the top of the list is the budget. If you want a high-end marble countertop, and we hope you do, you might have to save a little money by going with manufactured wood flooring rather than genuine hardwood. That’s just one example. There are many more we could use here.

It is normal to want to go high-end on a kitchen remodel. Doing so is perfectly acceptable if your budget can support it. But if not, you must decide what your priorities are. What is more important: a marble countertop or ceramic floor tiles?

Think Through Your Labor Choices

As long as you are thinking things through, give some thought to who is actually going to do the labor. We’ve seen more than one project on which the homeowner acted as his own general contractor, installation mechanic, and interior designer. Few such projects end up well.

It could be that you have all the skills necessary to handle installation, but you hire someone to do the architectural work and interior design. Or maybe you’re great designer but you can’t cut a piece of wood straight. It would be best to hire contractors to handle the installation. Get the point?

Don’t Forget Building Codes During Your Kitchen Remodel

Marble countertops and new appliances are big topics of discussion whenever kitchen remodeling comes up. But there is one last reason – perhaps the most important reason – to not rush into things: building codes. Every municipality, county, and state has them.

You are going to have to comply with building codes one way or another. There are also permits to consider. Make sure that all your legal responsibilities are met, or you could find yourself in a world of trouble down the road. Slow down, take your time, and don’t rush. Do things the right way.