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Important Things to Consider With a Full Height Backsplash

Replacing older countertops can mean replacing the backsplash at the same time. Ideally, a backsplash should complement the new countertop regardless of whether you choose granite, marble, quartz, or another material. This is why replacing backsplashes at the same time is so common. And these days, a hot trend is the full height backsplash.

Subway tile has been hot for a while and will probably continue to be so. But full height backsplashes are starting to make waves. Homeowners prefer them for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is doing away with the tile and grout that tends to need more maintenance.

In this post, we will offer some important things to consider before choosing a full height backsplash. But before we get to them, a brief explanation of this particular option is in order. Let us get to it.

The Basics

If you are not familiar with the full height backsplash, consider its name. It is so named because it runs from the top of the countertop to the bottom of the cabinets. In some cases, homeowners decide to run the backsplash all the way to the ceiling. Doing so can complicate things.

It is possible to get full height backsplashes in single pieces. But they are more expensive. You can also choose from a variety of materials and looks, making it fairly easy to find one that goes well with your new countertop material.

5 Things to Consider

With a basic understanding of the full height backsplash, we can get to those previously mentioned considerations. Note that there are no right or wrong answers to the question of whether you should invest in a full height backsplash. Take all the considerations under advisement and then go from there.

1. Material Choices

There is no shortage of material choices for homeowners to look at. Choose a material that fits into your budget and meets your needs in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Also look for one that complements your new countertops. It should also enhance the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

2. Installation Complexity

Installing a full height backsplash can be complex depending on your choices. How high do you want the backsplash to go? Do you want a single piece or are you willing to go with multiple pieces that might show seams? A more complex installation will be more costly.

3. Seam Placement

Given that the likelihood of seams is pretty high with larger backsplashes, consider seam placement. Discuss with the installer any options there might be for minimizing their visibility. If you absolutely cannot live with seams, be prepared to spend a bit more.

4. Future Remodeling Plans

If there is any possibility that you will remodel your kitchen further within the next couple of years, remember that a full height backsplash offers limited flexibility. Once it is installed, there is little you can do to alter it. Significant changes could require that you rip it out and start over. If you were to go with tile instead, you would have a little bit more flexibility.

5. Kitchen Size

Finally, consider the size of your kitchen. A full height backsplash is an attention getting feature. It can visually overpower a smaller kitchen to the point of making it feel like it is closing in on you. The smaller the space, the lighter the backsplash color should be.Replacing your countertops can mean replacing the backsplash as well. We can help you with countertops, thanks to our great selection of granite, marble, and quartz products. Come see them for yourself in one of our Utah showrooms.