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Tips for Building an Outdoor Kitchen in Utah

Most of the quartz, granite, and marble countertops we sell are for traditional, interior kitchens. But every now and again, we see a customer in one of our Utah showrooms who is planning to build an outdoor kitchen. Customers come to us because marble and granite are both fantastic countertop options. Quartz is a good choice, too.

You might not think there is much call for outdoor kitchens in Utah. After all, our winters can get pretty cold. But bear in mind just how little precipitation we get in the Beehive State. Even during the winter months, it is sometimes nice to sit outside with a hot meal and a great view.

Does an outdoor kitchen appeal to you? Have you been thinking about building one for a while? If so, we have some tips you might find helpful:

1. Check with the Local Building Department

The very first item on your list, before you do anything else, is to check with your local building department about permits, codes, etc. Municipalities are free to set their own rules for these sorts of projects. Nearly all of them do.

Local building codes may restrict where you can place an outdoor kitchen. They might restrict the size of your kitchen, the types of materials you can use, who can do the actual work, and more. Checking with the local building department lets you know where you stand from the very start of your project.

2. Think About Electric and Gas Hookups

Ideally, the best way to go from a budget standpoint is to construct your outdoor kitchen at a location off the back of the house with easy access to utilities and mechanics. The fewer electrical, gas, and plumbing lines you need to run, the less money you will spend on the build.

Let us assume your interior kitchen is at the back of your house. If you could build the outdoor kitchen directly outside your interior kitchen – on the shared wall – you’ll have easy access to the mechanics. You could also install a pass-through window to make moving dishes and food easier.

3. Match the Budget to Expected Use

Here in Utah, it is a good idea to match your budget to the expected use of your outdoor kitchen. Be honest. Do you expect to use it only two or three months per year? If that’s the case, go with a lower budget. There is no point in putting a ton of money into a high-end kitchen you’re not going to use all that often. Think about return on investment (ROI), if that helps.

4. You’ll Need Materials That Can Withstand the Environment

Obviously, building an outdoor kitchen is quite different from building an indoor one. It requires different materials; materials that are capable of withstanding the elements. We recommend marble or granite for all your countertops. If both materials are out of your price range, consider stainless steel.

As for why granite and marble are good choices, remember that both are natural stone. Marble and granite were part of the natural environment long before they became kitchen countertops. If they are not harmed in their natural surroundings, they will not be bothered in your outdoor kitchen.

These four tips are enough to get you started thinking about building an outdoor kitchen. There is plenty more that space doesn’t allow us to discuss. One last thing to consider as we close: Bedrock Quartz has showrooms located throughout Utah, including West Jordan and Pleasant Grove. Come pay us a visit and see what quartz, marble, and granite countertops have to offer.